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Customer reviews for 1800 Watt Pulse Recreational Generator

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1800 Watt Pulse Recreational Generator

Power for those on the go. This 2250 max watt generator is great for camping, boating, tailgating, and more. Quieter than most generators, it is fully enclosed for reduced noise and added protection. Two handles provide easy portability. Spark arrest muffler is approved by the U.S. Forest Service. This model has 2 5-15 and 1 12v receptacles, and comes with 12vdc charging cables. Small and compact for ease in transporting and storage.
Overall rating:
4.75 / 5
(4 reviews) 4
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100%of customersrecommend this product4 of 4reviews
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4.8 out of 5
100%of customersrecommend this product4 of 4reviews
Customer reviews for 1800 Watt Pulse Recreational Generator
Review 1 for 1800 Watt Pulse Recreational Generator
from Mesa, AZ

Big in a small package

PostedAugust 21, 2006
Overall rating 
4.0 out of 5
4.0 out of 5
Recommendation: Thumbs UP!
Definately worth the $30 dollar upgrade from the $399 1,850 Coleman Powermate, Home DepotModel PM0401853.
Got this unit about a month ago.
Not much usage, but did some back yard testing.
Voltage hovers at 130 v ac.
I hooked up my electric lawn mower to it (draws 6 running amps) and the voltage stayed steady, even on start up. Only a very little noticeable surge on engine with starting of lawn mower. I can't sense a surge with anything smaller than lawn mower.
Electrical capacity; 1800 running watts, 2200 surge watts.
I really like this unit over the other 1800 watt Coleman generator because the smaller one has apx 1200 running watts and 1800 surge. Don't let the model number fool you into thinking that smaller Coleman is equal to this one - because it is not. That is a big difference! With this unit you can safely run power tools with greater starting/surge amps. It is virtually the same size as the smaller Coleman generator, but has a beefier engine.
Ok, so you asking, I see that Home Depot has a 3,250 watt generator for $429, and this smaller unit is also $429. Why not get the 3,250 watt unit. Easy answer, the 3,250 unit is almost twice the size and weight. There is no way I would be able to transport the generator in my hatch back car, or take to camping sites with out a trailer or pick up truck. The generator does ME no good if I can't take it where it is needed. You also ask, What about those really quiet Honda type generators. Easy answer, they cost at least twice as much! I just don't have that kind of money to throw around for few power outages, tail gate parties, or camping trips. The dollar to usage on the generator is just to high to justifie for ME. If I had a pick up truck and did construction the I would opt for the 3250 watt unit, but this "little" unit seems to serve my needs.
This unit does have a max number of run hours listed. I just remember seeing the number was not as hight as I would expect. So based on that number, I would recommend it for the casual user, not a every day user like a contractor. You can go to Home Depot and read the manual for yourself prior to purchase and decide for your self.
Noise; sounds as loud as a lawn mover engine. Would NOT run at night with close neighbors or camping. Day time noise level I would consider standard for a gas engine. This is not one of those super quiet Honda generators, but it seems slightly quieter than other standard generators. If using for camping, make sure you have really long extension cord to put some distance between you and the noise.
NO LOW OIL SHUT DOWN ! ! ! This is the biggest reason for not giving 5 stars (minus 3/4 of a star). This unit uses a splash oil lubricating system, so the generator must be set as level as possible. Check oil level prior to use every time.
No GFCI outlet (minus 1/4 of a star). Would feel a little more comfortable if it had a GFCI outlet.
Have not tried out the 12 cig outlet. The manual is a little confusing on this. It aludes to only using it for charging car batteries, but promotional materials show being able to hook up 12 volt things directly to it. Again, have not tried out this yet.
Weight; it is heavy, but one person can lift up and put on back of truck or into a hatch back. Bend those knees and not your back.
There are two oil ports. Make sure BOTH are tight before running. The one not visible on mine was loose, and if I had run with out checking would have had a major failure.
This unit has an easy acess fuel shut off that the smaller Coleman generator does not have.
Very easy to start via pull string.
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Review 2 for 1800 Watt Pulse Recreational Generator
from Helicopter Mechanic in South Louisiana

1800 Watt Pulse Recreational Generator

PostedAugust 14, 2007
Overall rating 
5.0 out of 5
5.0 out of 5
I had another coleman generator for 15 years. It worked great for camping working and teaching baseball and where ever energy was needed. It has over 1500 hrs running time and deserves a rest.The major problem was the running time due to the small tank size.
During the last campimg trip I had to get up 5 times at night to refuel the tank. After one night of this I went and purchased the 1800 Subaru powered model. It's quieter than the gen it replaced and runs 5 hrs and15min to 6 hrs depending on the load and we had a load on it.The rest of the trip was a dream due to the quietness, ease of starting and gas consumption. We were on a island along way from food, water and gas. Low gas consumption was a necessity.It's nice looking compact unit and will last along time.
My wife bought the B&S model about13-14 years ago and carried it to Brazil for her mother to use on her farm out in the Amazon forest.. It's still running until today bringing the nightly news and dicey Brazilian soap operas. I need soemthing small in the 2000 range with low fuel consumption and this filled the billed.
The hondas also filled the bill but were not affordable.
Hence the Coleman. Tough, works hard, makes little noise and runs my fans so I can sleep.
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Review 3 for 1800 Watt Pulse Recreational Generator
from Missouri

Coleman 1800ex generator

PostedJanuary 15, 2007
Overall rating 
5.0 out of 5
5.0 out of 5
Ran over 30 hours straight during this last power outage. (Except for refueling and recommend 20th hour oil change.)
Great !!!!
We have a small house and typically use a backup propane space heater during outages. But this limits our living area to the family room/kitchen and doesn't offer any amenities for which you need electric.
With this generator we were able add a small 1500watt electric space heater which when added to the propane space heater kept the entire main floor very warm...and lowered our rate of propan consumption. Plus we ran lights, tvs, cordless phones and various battery charges all simultaneously to the heater.
And as needed we switched off from the space heater to run microwaves, electric stove burners, coffee makers, etc.
Made our living conditions very comfortable.
AND low fuel usage....which was very handy... (no additional trips to gas station in icy weather)
The wattage output is about right for my purposes for doing other work too. (Work at the barn and such). And it is small enough that I can lift it into and out of vehicles by myself.
those looking for a quiet generator must realize, this is not quiet...just quieter than most. It is around 72 decibles...which is low for most generators. But there are some portable generators made for RVs and such that have decible ratings as low as 42 decibles...but also at a MUCH higher price.
This is a good, reasonably priced, handy generator.
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Review 4 for 1800 Watt Pulse Recreational Generator
from Sun City, Ca

Coleman Powermate 1800 Generator

PostedApril 10, 2007
Overall rating 
5.0 out of 5
5.0 out of 5
Well we received our 1800 powermate generator today and we are so pleased with the unit. First off my husband and I bought this for our small 1991 Sixpac camper. We took it out of the box and noticed oil on the bottom were it had dripped. The opening where you poor the oil in was loose and oil had spilled out. No problem we put in fresh 30wt oil and filled it with gas.
The Generator started up on the second pull and ran nice and smooth. First off this is NOT the quiet thing around, but it is not overly loud. I don't really know the Db technical mumbo jumbo so let me explain it like this. It is NOT as loud as a lawnmower, I would compare it to an electric leafblower. You cannot carry a conversation right next to it, but if you are about 10 feet away it is not that bad. My husband was going to buy a Honda which is pretty quiet, but about twice as much (or more).
We hooked it on the camper and to our surprise it even started up the AC which is a HUGE PLUS!! Once the coolest tempature on the thermostat is reached however it is a struggle for it to start, but after the compressor has settled it starts right up (this is an older AC unit remember, maybe the newer ones will be easier to start). This is just what my husband said so I am relaying the message.
We are EXTREMELY happy with the unit and look forward to more use from it!! Like stated before from another reviewer, don't get this mistaken with the 1850 model. This one has MORE watts and has the Subaru engine not the Briggs & Stratton. This is a REAL NICE unit and I am sure that Most everyone will be happy with it. I know we are!!
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