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Customer reviews for Heath Zenith Wireless Plug-In Door Chime and Chime Extender

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Heath Zenith Wireless Plug-In Door Chime and Chime Extender

The SL-6157 features easy chime extension when an existing chime sounds. Simply place the transmitter on the existing chime and when the chime sounds, the transmitter will send the signal and activate the plug-in receiver. The transmitter and receiver provide up to 100 ft of additional transmission range. The SL-6157 transmitter battery is included. The plug-in unit has an 8-note Westminster melody or a 2-note melody and features adjustable volume control.
Overall rating:
4.75 / 5
(4 reviews) 4
Open Ratings Snapshot
100%of customersrecommend this product4 of 4reviews
Rating Breakdown 4 reviews
4.8 out of 5.0
100%of customersrecommend this product4 of 4reviews
Customer reviews for Heath Zenith Wireless Plug-In Door Chime and Chime Extender
Review 1 for Heath Zenith Wireless Plug-In Door Chime and Chime Extender
from Dallas, Texas

Add another door bell chime

PostedNovember 21, 2009
Overall rating 
5.0 out of 5.0
5 out of 5
When my door bell rings I can't hear it in my den.
This product provides a chime in my den with a wireless connection in addition to the existing chime. No running wires, very easy to set up.
It woked right out of the box, and it also has several custom features.
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Review 2 for Heath Zenith Wireless Plug-In Door Chime and Chime Extender
from Naples Florida

heath zenith wireless door bell extender

PostedJanuary 14, 2010
Overall rating 
4.0 out of 5.0
4 out of 5
This item uses an acoustic mic to "hear" the door bell. I had to tape it inside my original door bell cover to get it to work. No wiring needed. Adjust sensitivity. Turns out our vacuum sweeper which is very noisy will trigger the door bell. Tried to lower sensitivity to avoid this. Was not possible. At lower sensitivity it would not work when door bell button was pushed. Will just have to live with sweeper problem like unplug ringer when I am running sweeper. Otherwise it works very well.
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Review 3 for Heath Zenith Wireless Plug-In Door Chime and Chime Extender
from Maryland

Excellent Product

PostedJanuary 23, 2010
Overall rating 
5.0 out of 5.0
5 out of 5
Highly recommend this product as an inexpensive way to expand the reach of your current door bell.
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Review 4 for Heath Zenith Wireless Plug-In Door Chime and Chime Extender
from Boise, Idaho

After a couple of tweakings, it works great!

PostedJuly 14, 2010
Overall rating 
5.0 out of 5.0
5 out of 5
I steered my father into buying one of these for his 2-story + basement house, which has a doorbell ringer in only his downstairs, on the entryway wall, & no more than 10 feet away from the front door itself, BTW. Bad design.....
My dad would miss hearing the doorbell many times when he was in either his downstairs TV room watching TV with the volume up on "11", or especially when he was in one of his upstairs rooms, where his bedroom & office are at. So a wireless type of doorbell would be a solution.
We went to Home Depot & looking through the variety of wireless doorbells, most with the transmitters inside a "replacement" doorbell button, I was glad to have found this one because I could integrate this into my father's existing doorbell system with no wiring or alterations or changes or doorbell button switchouts whatsoever. I saw that it's designed to detect the sound of the existing doorbell itself to trigger the transmission of a wireless signal that the receiver/chime unit picks up, which I particularly liked a lot, that's it's basically a standalone system, dependent upon only some AAA batteries, a spare outlet, & sound to function.
I first installed the sound-detecting transmitter unit on the wall next to his doorbell. And I plugged the receiver/chime into an outlet in his upstairs hallway. Which all worked, after some experimentation with the sensitivity setting, but which quit working for him about a week later, probably due to the "overpeak voltage" of the batteries wearing down to their longer-term flatter voltage, which after a week's draining of that factory-overcharged peak voltage, thereby apparently decreased the sensitivity of the transmitter's microphone circuit.
So next, I took the transmitter off the wall & stuck it right inside the doorbell's plastic housing itself, not paying particular attention to where the little hole in the side of the transmitter, behind which the microphone is located, was pointed to inside that housing. I figured that mounting the sound-detecting transmitter *anywhere* inside there would be fine, because it was inside a mostly completely-enclosed "box" within which the doorbell's bells rang. As I mounted it then, using duct tape to keep it in place, the microphone hole was pointed away from the bells themselves, due to the way I mounted it inside the housing box that guaranteed to keep it furthest away from the bell's components, should the duct tape come loose. Lots of sound to go around inside that box I figured, so I figured I needn't be concerned with where the small mic hole in the side of the transmitter was at, just so long as it wasn't flat up against one of the enclosure's interior walls.
But..... again, after a while, its functioning became sporadic.
For the last, & successful, mounting of the transmitter I remounted the transmitter inside the housing box with the microphone hole pointed directly at the bells and again, duct taped in place. (What would we do without drywall screws & duct tape?) And after some sensitivity tweaking of the transmitter's sound detection circuit, it seemed to work ok & consistently, & so I went home.
6 months later, without any AAA battery changes during that time, it's still working great.
So apparently, when that transmitter is mounted, it's best to mount it so that its microphone receives as direct a reception of the sound from the bells as possible. And after some sensitivity adjusting, a setup like that ought to work just fine for a long time, as has proved to be the case with my father's wireless doorbell setup using this Heath/Zenith unit.
Next in line for him is a companion SL-6196-C Plug-in Door Chime Receiver/Extender Addon, to be plugged into an outlet in his TV room, since he likes his TV's volume up loud.
I saw that this Addon Receiver unit is available in 2 different shades of white -- the pure white model costing almost *twice* as much as the off-white one. Same guts, different shades of white. And though a pure white color of anything always sells better than its cousins, the off-shades, this price difference is a little far-fetched. But as far as the difference in pricing between the two is concerned, that's just Econ 101: Supply & Demand....... I think that the off-white at $18, vs $34 for the pure white, will work just fine for my father. It's going underneath or behind something anyway, maybe even plugged into the end of an extension cord & stuck underneath a couch, so there's no deco concerns.
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