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Customer reviews for 22 in. Briggs & Stratton High Wheel Recycler (20331) Self-Propelled Power Mower

22 in. Briggs & Stratton High Wheel Recycler (20331) Self-Propelled Power Mower

The Toro Recycler 22 inch 675 Series Briggs & Stratton Gas Variable Speed Self-Propelled High-Wheel Walk-Behind Power Mower provides excellent maneuverability on uneven yards and rough terrain. The mower’s Recycler cutting system minces grass clippings into super fine mulch reducing the need for bagging.The ReadyStart system does not require choking or priming for start-up.
Overall rating:
4.181 / 5
(270 reviews) 270
Open Ratings Snapshot
82%of customersrecommend this product212 of 257reviews
Rating Breakdown 270 reviews
4.2 out of 5.0
4.4 out of 5.0
4.4 out of 5
4.6 out of 5.0
4.6 out of 5
82%of customersrecommend this product212 of 257reviews
Customer reviews for 22 in. Briggs & Stratton High Wheel Recycler (20331) Self-Propelled Power Mower
Review 1 for 22 in. Briggs & Stratton High Wheel Recycler (20331) Self-Propelled Power Mower
from Frankfort,KY

Great mower for the money

PostedJuly 15, 2009
Overall rating 
5.0 out of 5.0
5 out of 5
recently bought a brand new Toro model# 20331 Recycler High Wheel lawn mower. It features a steel 22-inch mowing deck, 6.75 horsepower Briggs & Stratton Quantum/GTS series engine, rear bagger, and front-wheel-drive self-propelled. The mower allows for bagging, mulching or side-discharge cutting options. It also has a variable-speed for the self-propelled feature, the more you squeeze the handle the faster it goes. The mowing deck also has a washout port you can connect a garden hose to for cleaning. I bought the mower for $299.00 plus 6% Kentucky sales tax ($316.94) at Home Depot in Lexington,KY. It was packaged very well, required a knife to cut the nylon wire ties securing the handle (be careful-don't cut the control cables next to them!!). You can cut open the carton, but I just took all the packing material out and lifted it out. No damage or scratches from shipping/storage which was good. The mower is a bit heavy, maybe 60-75 pounds ?? It comes with an owners manual, a separate Briggs & Stratton engine manual, warranty registration card (free postage!) and a bottle of 30-weight motor oil. I added the oil, filled it with gas and it started with about 1/4-pull on the rope. Very smooth running engine. I cut my grass initially with the side-discharge as it was very tall. The rubber discharge chute is held in place by tension from the deck cover plate, which has two little prongs that fit into slots on the chute. This looks flimsy and cheap and I was initially disappointed...however, in use this is actually a good feature--I hit a tree with it and the chute came off intact. No damage to the rubber chute or to the tree bark.
The mower cuts very evenly, quality of cut is outstanding. The blade is very thick and curved for vacuum effect for mulching, but it does fantastic with side discharge even in tall grass--much better than the Sears/Poulan/Weedeater mowers I have had before.
The tall rear wheels make it easy to maneuver on my lumpy yard with holes all over and obstacles to mow around. With the front-wheel-drive you just lift the front wheels off the ground to do a sharp turn or 180-degree turn. Rear-wheel-drive mowers I've had before will gouge the turf or you have to stop before turning so the front-wheel-drive is a better design even if it doesn't get as much traction. The bag design is not the largest I've seen but it fills up completely. Very easy to attach and detach the bag. The bag itself is suspended around a wire top frame with stiff vinyl bottom, it appears to be good quality and hangs off the handle. The rear plate has these little square "compartments" that fill up with grass and then dump out on the ground when the plate is lowered, that is kind of annoying. There is a gap between the bag and the plate, so when the bag is empty grass blows out on top of the bag. I'm going to just put some sticky-backed foam insulation on the plate I had leftover from sealing up a door frame...it should stop this problem and is a quick fix. I think it is a design flaw or maybe the seal on the bag wasn't manufactured right, but not worth complaining to Toro or returning to the store over. Once the bag starts to fill up this problem stops--and it's kind of being nit-picky on my part. The mower is advertised as having a 6.50 horsepower engine, mine is the 6.75 Briggs & Stratton or at least it says so on the engine cover. No matter, it cuts tall wet 6-inch-tall grass just fine in side discharge mode. The engine runs at a constant speed and it's not quite that happy bagging wet grass, but still above average in my opinion. The engine is guaranteed to start in 2 pulls for 2 years or Toro will fix it free--so far after I choked it out in really tall wet grass it took about 6 pulls. But now that I've got the yard under control with weekly cuttings, the engine will start with about one-quarter of a pull. It features an oil dipstick which is very handy, and the gasoline filler neck has a little spillway that directs spilled gas onto the mowing deck and away from the hot engine (of course never fill a hot engine with gas!!!). The quality of cut is outstanding, I have had several neighbors and visitors ask me what kind of mower did *that* ??? Looks like a commercial lawn mower job every time. The wash-out port works pretty well, just screw the garden hose into it and let the water run for about a minute then undo it and spray off the rest of the mower. It even got wet clumps of sticky grass off the underside and blade. The only thing that annoys me alot is the self-propelled speed is a fast walking pace, but I decided I need the exercise and with a half-acre yard that's not a bad thing--but if you don't squeeze the drive control all the way it will go slower. I just cut at maximum speed for the exercise. The height adjusters are a bit stiff but I don't change the height much. One of the plastic knobs came off but I just stuck it back on...not something I use much so that didn't bother me. I like the angled handle design, I find it comfortable and the controls are not hard to squeeze and hold down like other mowers I've had. The engine control shuts it down when released, some may prefer another mower with a blade clutch design that doesn't kill the engine, but this one starts up so easily it's no big deal to me. Last thing is the engine is relatively quiet, and the air filter/spark plug are easy to service. It's using just a bit of oil but that may be just the engine breaking in--no signs of it burning oil at all. I changed the oil after 2 uses and about 4 hours running time, no metal shavings or burned smell, all seemed okay. Overall I am very satisfied, it cuts like a $300 mower should in my opinion and I highly recommend this model Toro.
6out of 6found this review helpful.
Review 2 for 22 in. Briggs & Stratton High Wheel Recycler (20331) Self-Propelled Power Mower
from Alabama

Toro Recycler, front wheel drive

PostedMay 14, 2011
Overall rating 
2.0 out of 5.0
2 out of 5
No, I do not recommend this product.
I bought this as a 2nd mower as my Honda HRX was in for service. So I'm use to a very good machine. The HRX is the top of the line Honda mower. I only wanted a cheaper mower $299 to allow me to mow my lawn until the other came back. I planned on using this second mower to do some of the trim work that required me to pull the mower back...the HRX didn't do that well. I thought it was the rear wheel drive that was causing the problem and I couldn't really lift that 100 pound HRX on it's front wheels to pull it back...so I figured I just use this second one for trim...and it would be front wheel drive so that justified my purchase.
Anyway, bought the Toro Recycler at the local HD and got it home and started it up immediately. That was 1st start up. One pass around and it was time to empty the bag. 2nd start up....took about 10 minutes and a too many pulls on that cord, it finally started up again. Now this model Toro you don't have the option of keeping the engine running when you empty the bag, so could be a problem every time you empty the bag. I usually get 5 bags out of mowing my lawn.
So after I get it started again, I made a few more passes and have to stop and empty the bag. 3rd start up. it won't start, Again have to wait 10 minutes trying a number of times to get the engine started The 4th start up, it started back up on first pull. The 5th start up, gave me the same problem, 10 minute wait, to many pulls on that cord... So the problem is interment... which is even worse in my opinion.
So bottom line this start up problem happened 4 out of the 5 times I had to start this Toro Recycler.
The next day, I decided to go back to HD and ask about upgrading to a higher priced Honda instead of this $299 Toro. The people at the local HD were great. The manager actually let the guy in the garden department come to my home and pick up the Toro and deliver my Honda HRR...excellent service from Inverness HD.
This guy from HD was bothered about the problem...Toro and Honda are the top sellers. So he said, probably bad gas. I said well my Honda HRX ran on that gas. This Toro Recycler ran on that gas first time, first pull without any problem...the second Honda HRR ran on that gas, no problems. My opinion, that Toro Recycler has a problem and it wasn't bad gas. Now maybe other Toro Recyclers won't have that problem, but I wasn't keeping this problem mower. This was on day 1, what would day 600 be like?
I just can't recommend the Toro lawn mowers. My personal experience with the Recycler was bad and with the Personal Pace, top of the line was not as bad, but I wasn't impressed that's why I got the Honda HRX.
I am a female, 65 years old, do all my own lawn care and have men stopping by asking me who I get to do my lawn.
Good Luck if you buy the Toro Recycler.
9out of 20found this review helpful.
Review 3 for 22 in. Briggs & Stratton High Wheel Recycler (20331) Self-Propelled Power Mower
from Southwest Montana

This Is the Machine for Rough Work

PostedJune 15, 2011
Overall rating 
5.0 out of 5.0
5 out of 5
This unit weighs 94 pounds in its shipping carton. You may need help moving the carton around before you slide the mower out of the carton. Follow directions on the carton to remove the mower.
Setup was quick and easy, and no tools were required. Toro includes a 20-ounce bottle of 30W motor oil in the shipping carton. Do not forget to fill the engine with oil. Follow all setup instructions.
The mower started on the first pull of the starter cord. This is the so-called Easy Start system, which is actually a thermostatically controlled choke mechanism. So no manual choking or priming is needed.
I cut about a half acre of grass on my first use of this mower. Note that I did not say “lawn.” The area was actually an old irrigated hayfield, flat but very bumpy, and with tuffs of grass every few inches rather than a smooth, continuous cover of grass. The grass was about 8 to 10 inches tall, so I set the mower to its maximum height of 4 inches and used the side discharge chute. This height was also used to avoid hitting embedded rocks.
I must say that I was greatly impressed with the performance. [Note: I live at over 6000 feet above sea level and did not have the high altitude package installed as recommended by Briggs and Stratton.] The front wheel drive is quite powerful and will keep you walking at a brisk pace. It is very easy to engage and disengage when maneuvering the machine. The high rear wheels are very good on rough ground and allow the user to easily tilt the front of the unit upward to make sharp turns.
Clean up using the “Quick Wash” system was pretty good. Simply attach a garden hose to a fitting on the top of the deck, turn on the water, and start the mower. All the heavy grass clippings are washed out in a minute or so, leaving behind only a thin green slick around the underside of the machine.
Toro put a lot of thinking into the design of this machine. It is extremely easy to operate. The only thing I did not like about the design was the auto-shutoff mechanism. The operator must continuously hold down the “blade control bar” to keep the engine running. So this is actually a kill switch rather than a blade control (it does not disengage the blade, but instead shuts off the engine ignition.) This is apparently a safety device that makes it nearly impossible for the operator to come into contact with the moving blade. However, it also means that you cannot leave the machine unattended for a moment. If you need both hands to do something, of if you need to move something out of your way, you must release the blade control bar and then restart the engine.
10out of 10found this review helpful.
Review 4 for 22 in. Briggs & Stratton High Wheel Recycler (20331) Self-Propelled Power Mower
from Massachusetts, USA
Age Range:35 to 44
Home Improvement Profile:DIYer

Extremely satisfied with this lawnmower

PostedJanuary 5, 2012
Overall rating 
5.0 out of 5.0
5 out of 5
5.0 out of 5.0
5 out of 5
5.0 out of 5.0
5 out of 5
I was looking at a different brand of mower but was a little turned off by some of the user reviews I read about them. After some further research, I found the reviews for this mower to be much more positive. I bought this model at Home Depot. I've had it 2 years now and am very happy with it. I waited to write this review so that I could use it for a while first. The first thing I noticed was how sturdy the thing feels. When you grab the handle and push down to raise the front wheels off the ground, it just feels very solid and well built. The mower has started first pull EVERY time, cuts very well, and has easy wheel height adjustments. The water hose mount on the upside of the cutting body is also a very nice feature. After a few mows, just attach a garden hose and run the mower with water running through it and it cleans the underside in a minute or two. There are a few things I will mention that are a little less than optimal, however as you can see by my ratings, I don't feel that all these things together are enough to even bring my rating down to 4 stars. The handle is a tiny bit uncomfortable, but not too bad at all. When mowing with the bag, it does leave some grass on the ground, but every bag mower I've ever used does. The self propelled could be a tiny bit slower as when you use it you have to walk at a fairly brisk pace to keep up, and consequently, the mower does not cut quite as thoroughly as when not using this feature. I usually use the self propelled just to get it started up a slope then disengage it (which is as simple as letting go of the spring loaded handle). Once it's started off up a slope with the self propelled, it is fairly easy to continue pushing without the self propelled engaged. The mower is a bit heavy, so may not be the best choice for smaller people or smaller women. My girlfriend has a hard time maneuvering it around, but she is a pretty small woman. Overall I LOVE this mower and highly recommend it. It is a great value for the money in my opinion.
4out of 4found this review helpful.
Review 5 for 22 in. Briggs & Stratton High Wheel Recycler (20331) Self-Propelled Power Mower
from Pittsburgh, PA

Nice Mower, but not for me

PostedJune 29, 2010
Overall rating 
3.0 out of 5.0
3 out of 5
I upgraded from a $150 Yard Machine to this Self-Propelled Recycler High Wheel Mower after reading all the reviews.
I am in no way mechanically inclined & I had this mower running in 15 minutes. I just had to attach the handles, add oil (which came with it), add gas, adjust the height and was ready to go. Of particular note was that without adjusting the height, I would have chopped all the grass down to the dirt in my yard. Once I got started, I noticed how much more sturdy & solid this machine was compared to my previous mower. The engine had no trouble taking down 6" grass that was a little damp. It didn't have one bit of trouble cutting the whole time. The bag was so easy to put on, I thought I did something wrong. The mower had a lot of pep to it. It gave me a workout! The washout port is really clever & convenient.
Since my budget was over $300, I wanted to be ecstatic about this thing. I wish I was. The "Variable" speed refers to how far back you pull the handle grip. After 5 minutes my hand started cramping up while trying to adjust the speed. With the handle pulled back the whole way, I found myself struggling to keep up with it. I liked the workout, but it took off so fast that the front wheels spun out. Because of this, it was impossible to mow in a straight line. Looking back at the yard, there were zig zag lines all over the place. While turning with the High Wheel was nice, I seemed to miss spots every time I pulled a 180. Also, my yard takes about 1 hour to mow and I had to empty the bag 3 times, even on my second mowing attempt with much shorter grass.
This seems to be a quality mower, but might work better for someone else. Because the items mentioned in the GOOD Section were impressive, I've returned this model for the Personal Pace, Rear Wheel Drive Model. I'll review that model next. By the way, Home Depot made the exchange process "no hassle".
2out of 2found this review helpful.
Review 6 for 22 in. Briggs & Stratton High Wheel Recycler (20331) Self-Propelled Power Mower
from NC

Easy Start, not really

PostedAugust 26, 2010
Overall rating 
1.0 out of 5.0
1 out of 5
No, I do not recommend this product.
I have several friends that have had toro's for 2-8 yrs and love them. I read some of the online reviews and figured at that price point, with the reviews and friends with good things to say, its worth a shot.
Well I loved this thing, and it was living up to the expectations. As some reviews state it does bog down a lot and with any hint of moisture on the lawn, it just doesn't perform as I would expect. There is the noise that sounds like the blade is going to come flying off, like others have posted.
Then there is the constant shut off with any resistance. If the lawn was a little over the recommended cutting length you can expect it to shut off, no matter how slow you try. All things I could probably deal with since when it did shtu off, one pull and away we go.
Well after the 4th time I mowed the lawn things took a turn for the worst. As I was finishing up, the mower got bogged down and shut off. Freed the extra grass from the housing and tried to start it, nothing.
Cleaned it up, tried to start again nothing. Checked the gas, oil, spark plug, just nothing. I probably pulled that cord 25-50 times in the course of 2 to 3 days after trying multiple things. (change out the gas, oil, etc.) I removed the plug and took a look, replaced it and it started with one pull.
The next day, since I thought it was working, I figured lets get out and mow. Well, it never started again. The easy start feature means no choke, or primer. It almost seemed like the gas line was not getting the gas or spark wasn't firing . Very odd for a brand new machine.
I took this thing back to HD and exchanged it out and upgraded to the personal pace model. I am crossing my fingers since several friends have had theirs for several years and are happy.
I am giving toro one last shot. If this doesn't make it, I'm done with toro.
I will post my exp. with the personal pace.
2out of 2found this review helpful.
Review 7 for 22 in. Briggs & Stratton High Wheel Recycler (20331) Self-Propelled Power Mower
from Rockford, Illinois

22 In. Variable Speed Self-Propelled Recycler High

PostedMay 5, 2010
Overall rating 
4.0 out of 5.0
4 out of 5
I bought the mower and took it home. Easy to finish assembly and add oil & fresh gas. It started on the 1st pull. Even after having been run foe awhile. My front lawn is nothing special... Grass isnt very thick and doesnt grow too fast, but on a quiet night you can hear the weeds grow. This mower did well on the front lawn. Mulcher worked great. The backyard however is very thick and grows fast and will be tall enough to stall most mowers. For having 6.75 lbs of torque, I thought it would do better thru the tuff stuff. I have a feeling it will be just fine when i raise the deck height and try it again. I used the out of box settings for my back lawn and the mower did bog down and stall. I believe raising the deck height will eliminate this as well as regular mowing. Damp or wet grass will turn out with unwanted results,(clumping and clogging bagging chute) but manual does say to use on dry lawns of course. I believe this mower will be just fine and hope it lasts as long as my craftsman has...14yrs & still runs, but not as much torque, but never a problem with it. I will experiment a lil and see how it goes after a few more uses and come back and write another review good or bad. Engine is strong, self propeller works really well. We'll just have to see the test of time i guess. Another selling point was the 3yr warranty on drivetrain. Thats reasonable for a change, without having to purchase extended warranties. For now, I would recommend this mower for the homeowner and be confident in buying one. Not so sure about it doing commercial lawnwork tho..I give it 4 stars for now and thats just because ive only used it once. It worked as it should...I just need to make some minor adjustments and see what happens. I also like that when the self propell is not engaged, you can still push it as eaisily as a push mower. Peace all.
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Review 8 for 22 in. Briggs & Stratton High Wheel Recycler (20331) Self-Propelled Power Mower
from Fairport, NY

Best Mulcher Lawn Mower I have Ever Had

PostedMay 19, 2010
Overall rating 
5.0 out of 5.0
5 out of 5
After doing my homework and reading Consumer Reports review, I purchased this lawnmower. Here is what I like...
-The high Wheel is great if you cut a little higher or have thick grass like down south.
-One reviewer said it was too light and bounced around. I do not agree. It is heavier than my old Craftsman 22" push mower. It holds the ground fine but like any mower, if you got bumps in your lawn, without suspension you’re going to feel the bumpsa little.
-The variable speed is so nice. I'm used to pushing a mower. With the lower bar depressed fully in you really do get an arobic work out. If it's too fast just back off. If you like to have the bar fully depressed but don't want to walk that fast then a simple cable adjustment can be made. The mower really helps my lower back from getting sore.
-Engine is powerful enough to do a good job. One review said it stalled when cutting tall wet grass. Any mulcher lawn mower will when you go full speed into it. I had no problem cutting through the tall grass that is in a shaded location and is quite often damp. I just slow down when cutting that part. Use common sense like raise the blade if the grass is too tall or shoot out the side if the grass is really wet.
-I like the hose attachment to clean the under carriage. It works very well. I installed a quick disconnect for the hose.
- It mulches the grass into little tiny pieces much better than my old Craftsman.
-Good manufacture warranty
-Stats on the first pull.
-Metal adjuster bars work well for mower height. One reviewer said they were cheap and bent. They are the same gage hardend steel that are on my Craftsman that I had used for years.
My only negatives are...
-Why a white bag? It shows the dirt. Stick to black.
-Side discharge cut out seems a bit small but has not clogged yet (I usually mulch).
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Review 9 for 22 in. Briggs & Stratton High Wheel Recycler (20331) Self-Propelled Power Mower
from Rochester, NY

Excellent Mower

PostedMay 22, 2010
Overall rating 
5.0 out of 5.0
5 out of 5
I bought the Toro Recycler Mower at Home Depot about a
month ago, and have used it quite a bit already to mow
my .75 acre yard. I have to say I'm glad I chose this
mower for a lot of reasons. First of all, the price was
right, and Home Depot threw in free shipping to make it an
even sweeter deal. Assembly was easy and straight forward, and the mower started right up first pull. The
first time I mowed, the grass was very tall, but the Toro
seemed to handle it fairly well. A couple of times, I had to
stop the mower and clear the side discharge chute, but
again, the grass was extremely tall. In hindsight, I may have had the cutting height adjusted too low, which no
doubt added to the clog problem. Since then, I've adjusted
the height up one notch (3rd notch from lowest setting)
and have had no problems at all. On my second mow, I tried using the grass catcher. It worked ok, but it seems
a little too small, as I found myself stopping every 10 to 15
minutes to empty it. I went back to using the side discharge to save time. Other than the grass catcher size issue, this mower is one of the best I've ever owned. The engine starts first time, every time, has plenty of power, and the front wheel drive makes mowing almost effortless. The ability to flush out the underside with a garden hose after mowing is a big plus, and does a great job of cleaning. Oil changes are very easy...you just remove the oil filler cap and tilt the mower on it's side to drain. Then you can refill using the original oil container included with the mower, to make sure you add just the right amount of oil. With regular oil changes, I except this mower to last a very long time. If you are considering buying this Toro, but having doubts, put your mind at ease...this is a well made machine.
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Review 10 for 22 in. Briggs & Stratton High Wheel Recycler (20331) Self-Propelled Power Mower
from Long Beach, MS

Not for Short People with Small Hands

PostedMay 24, 2009
Overall rating 
4.0 out of 5.0
4 out of 5
Pros: Rolls out of the box after a little assembly, Starts very easily, Good traction, Good power, Good gas mileage.
Cons: No adjustment for height, Variable control is not for small hands, Handle folds at the base instead of in the middle.
After looking at the high ratings in Consumer Reports and the good reviews for the Toro mowers, I decided on this high wheel model for cutting uneven ground.
Without a height adjustment on the handle for short people, my arms and hands were in an uncomfortable position for mowing (picture a praying mantis). Also, the variable speed works by not squeezing the control bar all the way to the handle for full speed. You have to open your hands and hold the bar in position with your thumbs to control the speed, which was very uncomfortable for my small hands. Unfortunately, squeezing the bar all the way to the handle was the most comfortable position for me. That meant full speed and practically flying behind the mower.
I have to say, I cut the grass in record time with less gas than usual (1 tank instead of 1-1/2). However, when I finished, my thumb and shoulder hurt from keeping my hands and arms in an uncomfortable position, and my hip hurt from going much faster than I wanted! Not wanting to dread mowing the lawn, I took it back.
The only other thing is that if you will need to fold the handle for storage, you should take a close look at the way this one folds: You loosen the knobs that attach the handle to the mower (at the base), then bring the handle over the top of the mower. It isn't flush and sticks out about 10 inches.
This is a good mower if you are tall enough for it. All of the problems I had were to do with the handle.
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Review 11 for 22 in. Briggs & Stratton High Wheel Recycler (20331) Self-Propelled Power Mower
from New Hampshire - In 1787 we invented the AlarmClock

Good and Bad!?!?!

PostedJune 12, 2010
Overall rating 
4.0 out of 5.0
4 out of 5
easy to put together
started on 2nd pull
cuts your grass three different ways -
bagged, mulch or side shoot
drives smoothly, very little effort
22 inch cut zone, that means a lot since I have a half acre
No priming
built in hose attachment for washing undercarriage, no more flipping mower sideways!
Manual is pretty poor
No where does it tell you to just dump the entire bottle of oil in, so if your a play it safe person. You poor some, run the mower, check it and add more and so on. FYI, Just dump the entire bottle.
Wheels and parts were not all tightened properly, which might be due to shipping. make sure you go through and tighten the wheels.
All things said, this mower has worked great after a week, but I'll try and post after a season. I would suggest TORO improve the manual and add a helpful hints area. I was lucky to have my uncle in town visiting. Being a gear head he was able to offer up a list of preventative maintenance tips for keeping it running for years to come.
1. Sharpen blades once or twice a year.
2. If you cut wet grass, use the hose attachment and wash the under carriage
3. Check oil and gas before and after each run
4. if your leaving gas in it over the winter buy some additive to keep the gas fresh, but emptying the tank is preferred
5. Walk through your lawn prior to cutting - try and get the sticks and rocks, keeps blade in great condition
TORO would go far in my book if they added additional items and made it a page in the manual.
Thanks again and I hope everyone enjoys their new TORO, because I know I will.
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Review 12 for 22 in. Briggs & Stratton High Wheel Recycler (20331) Self-Propelled Power Mower
from Wisconsin Rapids, WI

Wanted tall handle shown, but not included.

PostedApril 17, 2010
Overall rating 
2.0 out of 5.0
2 out of 5
No, I do not recommend this product.
I needed a lawnmower with a tall handle because I am tall and the lawnmower I previously had was very difficult to use because I would end up bent over the entire time I would mow the lawn. When that lawnmower started having problems instead of fixing it I decided I wanted a lawnmower more suitable to my size. I saw this one online and went to the local Home Depot three times to eye it up and hopefully get to handle it to see if it was tall enough, unfortunately every time the lawn mowers were up on the shelf where you couldn't touch them. Finally I made the rounds to all of the possible stores nearby to look for a lawn mower to purchase, I was able to touch some of the lawn mowers with a curved handle at competing stores and decided that as long as it has the extra curve to make the handle slightly taller it should be adequate. I then decided to purchase this model online because of the free shipping. The lawn mower I received does not have the curved handle like in the picture! The handle it comes with is straight across at the top, it is padded though. I am definitely disappointed that the main feature I considered in purchasing this lawn mower was discontinued with this years model. Other than that the lawnmower seems nice, the propel takes off like a rocket so I will probably have to adjust it slower so that it doesn't spin the wheels for the first few seconds, but a high top speed is better than an inadequate top speed. I don't think the bright white bag is going to stay that clean very long.
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Review 13 for 22 in. Briggs & Stratton High Wheel Recycler (20331) Self-Propelled Power Mower
from St. Louis, MO

BEST for Money!!!

PostedApril 19, 2010
Overall rating 
5.0 out of 5.0
5 out of 5
I go through 3 things like crazy in life...vacuum cleaners, irons, and lawn mowers! I have an older Toro that runs very well, but was buying this mower for a friend who has helped me out greatly and was in dire need for a new mower. He is also a single parent and works many hours a day, and the last thing he wants to do is come home and mow. Soooo, as a surprise, I went over to his home while he was at work on a Saturday, and roused his 17-year old daughter, who is also my babysitter. We put the mower together in less than 5 minutes. Threw the oil in, filled it with gas, and I couldn't find a 'primer' button anywhere on the mower or in the manual. I'm assuming it doesn't have one! I pulled the start cord....Didn't require any muscle at all and it started immediately to our joy. Now, his daughter had NEVER been behind a mower, so it was a maiden voyage for her and the mower. It was easy to teach her...she loved it! YES...as in other reviews, the self-propel really takes you for an aerobic walk if fully engaged! Wheel adjustment was simple! The negative reviews about wet grass not moving into the bag...small bag size...Well, come one! It's a 22" mower! We had no problems with the wet grass going into the bag...the bag fits terrific (and easy to remove and put back on).....I've owned many brands of mowers (many twice as expensive as this), but have been with Toro since my John Deere croaked. Toro is great quality for the price. Period. ...and so easy for us gals!
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Review 14 for 22 in. Briggs & Stratton High Wheel Recycler (20331) Self-Propelled Power Mower
from Lower Slower, Delaware

Great Middle of the Pack Mower

PostedApril 30, 2009
Overall rating 
4.0 out of 5.0
4 out of 5
I searched the big box stores looking for a new lawnmower to replace my 15 year old Toro. My goal was to stay under $300. I felt this was the best value of everything in this price range mainly because of the deck size (22" versus 21" for most other brands), variable-speed self-propel feature and the briggs and stratton engine.
Setup was very easy and the mower came with a bottlte of oil. You really just had to unpack the box, remove some bubble wrap, add the oil and gas and secure the arm to the mower. Mower started on the second pull which is expected. Ran smooth, pretty quiet and cut well. The self-propel worked at a nice brisk pace, almost too fast for my wife. However, you can let the handle down a little and it slows down. The mower also runs without the self-propel bar down if you do not want to use it.
My only complaint is the bag. I am sure it will hold up well, but the two pegs that lock the bag in place concern me. The bag material is actually over one of the pegs. The pegs then slide into their holders. I am concerned that over time the bag will wear away here easily and start to tear. We'll see. Not too much to worry about, as I don't plan on using the bag too often.
Overall I am very excited to have this mower and after the first cut I am satisified. I hope in continues to perfom well. You'll be satisfied with the purchase
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Review 15 for 22 in. Briggs & Stratton High Wheel Recycler (20331) Self-Propelled Power Mower
from Oak Ridge Tennessee

Just Okay

PostedAugust 5, 2011
Overall rating 
3.0 out of 5.0
3 out of 5
It was time to retire my old Craftsman mower after 8 years of faithful service (drive system, wheels and timing key failure). I bought the Toro and submit these observations after 7 mowing sessions:
-The B&S engine is powerful and is likely to be as reliable as the previous 4 I've owned over 25 years. I do not like the choke system....starts first pull when cold, hard to restart when hot (may as well just take a break).
-The variable self-propel feature will pull you off your feet if you clamp it wide open. My hand cramps trying to match a speed with the terrain and grass height. At full speed, the mower pulls left, making a straight line nearly impossible to achieve. The V-belt is exposed underneath instead of covered....I see breakage and replacement sooner rather than later.
-The decking thickness guage is thinner than my previous mowers but seems to be adequate.
-The wheels are fine but I can't see any advantage to the rear set being larger....I certainly can't manipulate the unit any easier.
-The recycling blade mulches, pulverizes and obliterates the clippings to a pudding that clogs the sides of the mower. The washout port does not perform that well. Turning the mower over to clean the underside results in more restarting issues.
Although this is a decently priced mower, its performance seems just average to me.
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Review 16 for 22 in. Briggs & Stratton High Wheel Recycler (20331) Self-Propelled Power Mower
from I am retired and live in Coxsackie, NY

PostedMay 13, 2010
Overall rating 
4.0 out of 5.0
4 out of 5
I have only owned Craftsman mowers and was looking for a change. I a a sixty-one year old man wth back probs and was looking for my first mower with self-propelled front wheel drive. This product makes mowing a pleasure as I have a bit of an incline to ascend. I paid $210 twelve years ago for a conventional 6HP motor. At $279 (the price just dropped twenty dollars-TORO Promotional Days),a 6.75 HP Briggs and Stratton engine, and free shipping...what can I say. It took all of twenty minutes to assemble and fire up...it was actually a joy to mow my lawn.
It was difficult to push when off, but common sense told me the axle was enaged by the front wheel drive gear box...just push off the wonderfully high rear wheels...no problem. I have to admit that this is the first time I have had a piece of outdoor power equipment that doesn't have a primer...the jury is still out on an automatc choke...lol. I do like the feature. My only negative is cosmetic...Toro should have used a black-colored grass catcher bag. Happy grass cutting to everyone...BUY THIS PRODUCT!!!!!
P.S. I love the ingenuity of the hose insert off the deck for cleaning...
P.S.S. Compared to the Honda with all the similar features, THIS PRODUCT IS AN EXCELLET BUY!!!!!
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Review 17 for 22 in. Briggs & Stratton High Wheel Recycler (20331) Self-Propelled Power Mower
from Forrest City, AR

the best self-propelled mower I have ever used, excellent value for the money

PostedAugust 7, 2011
Overall rating 
5.0 out of 5.0
5 out of 5
The Toro recycler mower (20331) is one of those rare finds that amazes you in every way, It handles tall, wet grass with ease in the side discharge mode, which is rare for a self-propelled mower. The one piece handle design makes foldind the handle down a lot easier than the conventional two piece design. I have used several self- propelled front drive mowers, and this one jumps around ( lurches toward one side or the other and back ) less than any I have used. It stays in a straight path just about as well as a rear drive mower. It mulches average height grass adequately, The Toro 20331 also bags well, with the only con being some trailing on either or both sides of the mower when bagging tall, thick grass. The Toro drive system will really move the mower up and down a lawn, You have to be in pretty good shapes to keep up with this one, because it really covers some ground in a hurry, which is the way I like it. The "atomic" recyler blade which comes standard on the toro 20331 cuts evenly and smoothly, even at fast speeds, and also throws out (side discharges) tall wet grass quite well. All in all, a great value for the money. A joy to use.
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Review 18 for 22 in. Briggs & Stratton High Wheel Recycler (20331) Self-Propelled Power Mower
from Nashville, TN

Great mower - not perfect though

PostedNovember 13, 2010
Overall rating 
4.0 out of 5.0
4 out of 5
I think it's interesting all the reviews here so far are 1 or 5 stars. I thought I'd change things up. :-)
I bought this mower about a year ago after dealing with 2 old mowers that I ended up giving away. I wanted something that had the mulching/recycling capability for about $300. This mower did the job. It worked great right away. I've rarely had problems getting it started - the only time that's any issue is when there is grass/soil clogging it. (This is an issue for me simply because I have an ongoing mole problem in my yard.)
In regards to the recycling capability, it did not live up to my expectations. While it can do the mulching somewhat, it doesn't have the power to handle thick grass or a lot of leaves. I only have 0.25 acres of land, but I have never been able to use the recycling feature on the entire yard without having to stop multiple times to unclog it. With a wet lawn, that feature is useless, so I only use it when the lawn is dry and not very long or thick.
I would still recommend this mower, but not if you have a lot of land or plan on using the recycling feature frequently.
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Review 19 for 22 in. Briggs & Stratton High Wheel Recycler (20331) Self-Propelled Power Mower
from Stillwater, MN

Reliabity Plus!

PostedJune 23, 2010
Overall rating 
5.0 out of 5.0
5 out of 5
This is my 3rd Toro since 1978. I traded in my 1st one only because I thought I needed something new and shiny after 6 years of trouble-free service. The 1984 model is still doing time at the cabin! After replacing it with a new Craftsman (again thinking I needed something new and shiny)...well here I am back with the trusty Toro!
ONE PULL STARTING! Can't figure out how they made it so reliable and simple..no choke - no prime - just check the oil, fill with gas, pull and mow. I love the large wheels and front wheel drive (all my Toros had/have front wheel) and I much prefer this drive..just push down on the handle when you want to stop rather than engage/disengage (makes me "feel" I'm treating my mower better). It's not really a variable speed unless you can finesse the pulley. Although when I feel like a slower pace is needed, I gently pull it on top of a couple gloved fingers on each hand to slow the pace.
Enough rambling..I love the Toro..plus the price and the to my door service from Home Depot. Open the box..easy set up..fill with included oil..add gas..PULL ONCE and MOW!
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Review 20 for 22 in. Briggs & Stratton High Wheel Recycler (20331) Self-Propelled Power Mower
from Jacksonville, Florida


PostedApril 28, 2011
Overall rating 
1.0 out of 5.0
1 out of 5
No, I do not recommend this product.
I bought model 20072 a few years ago. I have a 1/4 acre 10,000 sq ft lot. I too had trouble with the back levers not holding. I removed the wheels and bent the tabs down further and that fixed this problem. After two years, the $75 transmission was shot. It was replaced under extended warranty. After a year and a half, it was shot again. In the third year, the engine started blowing oil out of the governor shaft and the breather was not working properly. Took several trips to the "authorized dealer" to fix. This mower is a terrible mulcher. It does not chop finely, and it accumulates grass until it bogs down and stalls. Even tilting the front up while it is running does not discharge the grass. I also have a Troy Bilt, and in the same grass, same day, same hour, it ran without a problem. The Troy Bilt mower also has a more blunt nose so that it trims closer to objects. I bought the Toro because the Troy Bilt mower left drive gear and wheel failed after a short period and I decided that I needed a back-up mower. Why can't someone build a quality front wheel drive mower?
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